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A bizarre little insight into the world of the net nerd is the topics of their bookmark list, so here's mine as it stands {excluding the MMN links which you can find here} :

The Goth Pages:

death...Sisters of Mercy Home Page: Yes the eternally dull voiced and heart cooling Andrew Eltritch leads to the joy of Goths every where that ghoullishly gothly band familiarly nicknamed "Sisters"

Gothic Babe of the Week: What's goth without aesthetics? Sometimes pretty sometimes droll the girls are usually worth a peek, well done page obviously updated every week.

Satanus Infernus: The best most comprehensive Satanist page i've found to date, with links to and information about all the Satanic groups in the Asia Pacific.

The Goth Test: As produced by Take A Bite, the guide to Goth by Net.Goth ie Are you worthy of being a net.goth?

VampLestat's Gothic Server: Home of the Goth image database, worth a visit!

Dark Side of the Net: an excellent source of links to Goth pages, if you don't want to wade through 3 Johnny the homicidal maniac >:)million entries from a search engine this is a great place to start.

Amusing asides:

ABC Online: The official website of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, best used to requesting songs of the national youth radio station Triple J.

Bastard Operator From Hell: Sometimes we all have those days, Simon has them every day. The net nerds worst nightmare, the computer tech's biggest laugh.

Penn and Teller: That duo we love to loathe, only amusing however to fans.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: That popular sick twisted and decidedly dark comic, lose yourself under Nny's house in this, one of the best pages devoted to JTHM

The UNofficial Preacher Homepage: Garth Ennis rocks and shocks in the story of an unlikely and seriously fucked up band of travellers in their search for God {to kick his ass not kiss it!}

The View Askew-niverse: Home to the production company of the wonderful, gorgeous and damn funny Kevin Smith, the man that brought you Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy, includes a WWWboard answered not only by a regular list but also by the View Askewers including Kevin himself.

AEon Flux Homepage: The best page yet for that cyberpunk, virtual adept animated assassin. aeon drives to "work"

Useful stuff:

Naz Inc.: provider of free web space and email accounts.

Geocities: similar to The web page for the australian Undernet server another free page provider

sprurious anime an excellent source of software on the net for all Windows types and Mac and Dos also.

The Official Ircle Homepage: The source of updates for Ircle the Mac IRC client.

Deanna's World: A page devoted to links for electronic card and gift services, excellent for that "special someone."

and then there's the link back to the main page ...