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I've been staring so long at these pictures of you

Well, popular demand and a lot of screaming IRC friends has led me to devote a page just to pictures of me*snigger snigger ego bloat* so here it is, a gallery of wanky goth pictures *the crowd goes wild*

Yes unfortunate but true I still attend high school {bwahaha I'm the quantum goth extraordinaire!!!}, and worse than that we have to wear this vile piece of cloththat the school likes to call a uniform. Here I am with Evelyn Radomyski one of the girls in my group.

Nothing like your father taking photos of you at 9am on your birthday when you've been out the night before and sunlight is a hassle let alone a flash.

:PWhat the fiend likes to call my more goth than goth photo, this was taken at a Vampire: the Masquerade theme night with me as Lasombra assasin {there's a surprise}, only you can't see the gun that was tucked into my garter :)

This was on my 16th birthday {and was the world scared by the fact that I was no longer jailbait? HELL YES}. No the man sitting next to me is not some crone I picked up for the occasion it's the one that spawned me George, my father. When I no longer go to the jail...err catholic school I attend I might redo my hair that way... hmmmm funky hair.

the fiend, erehwon and iOne day the fiend in his usual esteem turned up out of the blue on my front porch, this time he had in tow Erehwon, the MMN's elusive leader, so here we are ... and there's the spunky grandpa munster hair :)

Who is this gittish Goth chick? Get me away!!